Exit lights… Big facts on tiny structures

What are exit signs

      An exit sign is a device in a public facility indicating the location of the nearest emergency exit in case of fire or other emergency. Exit signs are designed to be clearly identifiable to anyone. In past exit signs displayed the word “Exit” mostly in English or rarely in local language, but due to communication or verbal ignorance exit signs gradually migrated to it’s pictogram form with a green running man, with or without added text.

Exit Signs – Evolution

An interesting fact about early exit signs is, they were either made of metal and supported by a, lit incandescent light bulb or just a piece of colourless glass covering the text ‘EXIT’ written in red. Though this sounds interesting in today’s world these signs were hardly distinguished from an ordinary safety lighting installed above doors, in the past.

The earlier issues were solved by developing better signs that more resembled this day’s sign. They were larger than their ancestors and solved few visibilities related issues. This signs completely relied on electrical power which turned out to be one of it’s disadvantage. Moreover, they were made up of incandescent bulb fitted inside a box, backlighting the word ‘Exit’ on one or both sides.

Battery-backup systems turned out to be a positive solution for this as they were able to reduce the size and increase efficiency. From then on the exit sign was lit by electric power under its availability and the battery remained in charged state. As batteries improved, the amount of time that an exit fixture could remain lit on batteries improved as well, which in-turn reduced the power consumption.

With the development of fluorescent lamp and light-emitting diode technology, exit signs could be made even brighter to compensate for the limited visibility in a fire situation, while using less electricity. LED signs combine a large number of bright light-emitting diodes to illuminate the sign from inside. LEDs have a very long life, and may last for 10 years or more of continuous use, although their brightness may gradually diminish.

When the life saver fluorescent lamp and light-emitting diode technology saw their birth, exit signs were made even brighter. This left zero compromise for visibility in a fire situation. One of the major advantages of LED Exit signs include long life time, (more than 10 years approximately)


Types of Exit Signs

  1. LED Exit Signs: These signs are popular for their low energy use, lengthy lifespan, and reasonable prices. A variety of styles and designs are obtainable.
  2. Cast Aluminum Exit Signs: These signs are long-lasting and appealing. We offer a variety of finishes. Cast aluminium exit signs are popular for their brushed finish and durable aluminum housing.
  3. Edge-Lit exit signs: These signs offer the major level of design appeal and are the best choice for indoor exit sign applications. A high-grade acrylic panel attaches to the housing and features a red or green screen-printed “EXIT”.
  4. Self-luminous exit signs: These signs require no electricity or batteries. Having a life span of 20 years these appear to be simple and compliant battery exit sign solution. As they are self-powered by tritium gas, these exit signs can withstand harsh environment when exposed.

Why do you need Exit sign

     At certain point, you’re bound to face a power outage — and for sure there’s always the possibility of an emergency. And when that time comes, it’s important that your emergency lights and exit signs are fully functioning, to help guide your building occupants to safety. Whether you have a small business or a large company, safety is always a primary concern. That’s why it’s important to have exit signs and emergency lighting installed, as they give you a better chance to prevent any damage.

How to choose the best quality exit sign

   Exit signs are of different types that exist today and picking the right model is vital for any exit sign plan. You need to consider the below criteria while deciding the type of exit sign you require.




Maintenance requirements


Installation profile

Indoor exit sign applications feature the widest range of exit sign choices. Firstly you need to decide whether you need to use electrical or non-electrical exit sign. Electrical exit signs are the ones that use LED (light emitting diode) light strips to provide red or green EXIT illumination. Non-electrical exit signs glow in the dark by absorbing light. The other type of non-electrical exit sign is known as self-luminous. It produces illumination by using a glowing hydrogen gas called tritium. Because of their ease of installation, long lifespan, and non-existent operational costs these non-electrical exit signs are becoming more and more popular. They are especially popular for exit sign applications where electrical power is unavailable. Non-electrical exit signs feature a lifespan of up to 25 years.


Emergency lighting that includes exit signage is subject to a mandatory 30 second test on a monthly basis and an annual 90-minute test to ensure safety and proper functionality of the same, during emergency instances.

  NFPA 101 allows three methods of testing, though your choice will likely be dictated by what type of system is installed in your building.

  1. Fully manual testing requires you to walk the building, push the test button on every emergency fixture, and record the results.
  2. Self-diagnostic fixtures can run their own monthly tests, but you’ll have to manually conduct the annual 90-minute test and throw the breaker yourself.
  3. Automated systems with computer backup are capable of running both the monthly and annual tests and recording the results for you.


Why from fireman safety

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