Important Considerations While Choosing Fire Sprinkler System

A fire safety system is not complete without a sprinkler system. Sprinkler fire protection is important because it can put out a fire early on and prevent it from spreading to other rooms.

Here are some key things to consider before investing in a sprinkler system.

Type of fire sprinkler systems:

It is the most crucial factor to consider while buying a sprinkler system. The four main types available are as follows:
 Wet pipe sprinklers are the most common type as they are perfect for residential properties. It stores cold water under pressure which is released through the sprinkler heads in case of a fire.
 Dry pipe sprinklers are a good choice for commercial properties. They take some time to activate. The pipes are not filled with water but with pressurized air or nitrogen. These systems are connected to the main water tank as well.
 Deluge is a perfect choice for warehouses. Its nozzle is always open and the system can activate immediately. It is triggered by the fire alarm. As soon as the fire alarm goes off the valves open releasing the water.
 The pre-action system is a combination of dry and wet pipe fire sprinklers. They are an excellent choice for places that are vulnerable to water damage. Make sure you check out all the pros and cons of a system before investing in one.

Installation cost:

The cost of sprinkler system installation in the UAE is an essential factor to consider. You will want to invest in a system that is effective in keeping you safe and is affordable. The cost of installation can differ with the type. Make sure that you check the price tags and ask about the labor cost of installing a system.

Water supply source:

A pressure tank and elevated tank are suitable water supply sources. You can also use water storage connected with a pump.


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