FIREMAN SAFETY SERVICES Maintenance Division has become more efficient with the Inclusion of experienced Engineers and Technicians.We are extremely fortunate to work with the bigwigs of Facility Management Industry which has helped us to gain tremendous experience to maintain the system in the most professional manner. Below are some of the companies with whom we have partnered with:

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Musanada Facilities Management            Brookfield Multiplex Facilities Management                  Imdaad Facilities Management



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EMCO Facilities Management                      Al Masaood Property Group                                                                            LULU Group



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LIFELINE HOSPITAL                                                   UNIVERSAL HOSPITAL                                                                          Sheraton Hotel Group




10      11                                            12


KHALIFA  U NI V E R SIT Y                                                    Aqua Orbis                                                                                      Saint Gobain Gypproc




AMWAJ Catering Services                                                    City Center Doha                                                                                      Domopan




QFB                                                                                     Top Printers                                                                                       Chemical company


Contracting and Trading