FM 200 System Abu Dhabi

Fireman Safety is committed to protecting you and your property as experienced industry professionals for the past successful years, combined with experience in providing fire and safety solutions. We deliver an excellent standard of fire safety products across the UAE from our branches in Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Feel free to contact us and share your requirements, you can be assured that we have a complete solution for all of our customers' fire safety and security requirements. Fireman Safety deals with different types of fire fighting systems, we keep your building safe and up to date, with our latest fire fighting services in Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Fireman safety is an authorized dealer of all kinds of fire fighting systems, accessories, and services. We have been serving our customers in Abu Dhabi since 2007and in Qatar since 2013.We have established a reliable reputation with an outstanding track record of providing quality services and products and complete all projects on time.

Why choose us?

Fireman safety is the best supplier to get your fire fighting system because:

  • Our fire fighting systems are NSPA, ISI and UL approved
  • We have a wide range of systems suitable for warehouses, hospitals, hotels, and residential properties
  • Our company is approved by Abu Dhabi and Qatar civil defense and are awarded an A+ grade
  • We are a Musandana approved sub-contractor for fire fighting systems
  • We offer installation, maintenance, and testing services
  • Fireman safety adopts the latest standards and technologies
  • We ensure employee welfare
  • We offer a 24/7 customer service. Our team of professionals is always available to help and guide customers
  • Our engineers are trained according to NFPA requirements
  • We have skilled and experienced field teams
  • Fireman safety is aware of its environmental protection responsibilities and is dedicated to preserving natural resources

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Fireman Safety offers life and property safety firefighting systems in compliance with regulations and guidelines. Our main concern is ensuring full protection and peace of mind while keeping our services accessible and cost-effective. We have a team of highly trained engineers and technicians with extensive experience in their fire fighting field. Our team works around the clock to ensure that our valued customers receive the highest quality products with complete installation, maintenance, and testing.