Sprinkler System

Installing a fire alarm system is important for reducing the risk of fire and the sprinklers are an essential part of the system. Fire sprinklers are an effective line of defense against a fire. It is an active fire protection measure that gets activated as soon as the smoke alarms detect smoke. Fireman safety has the best fire sprinkler systems to offer in Abu Dhabi and Qatar. The sprinkler the system is used extensively in commercial and residential properties. We offer high-quality and affordable sprinkler systems.

Why choose us?
Fireman safety has been proudly serving customers in Abu Dhabi and Qatar for years and has become a leading fire protection company. We are a reliable supplier of fire sprinkler systems and a preferred choice because:

  • We adopt the latest standards and technology
  • Our services and products have been approved by Qatar and Abu Dhabi Civil Defense with an A+ grade
  • Our fire sprinklers are the best in the market
  • We offer installation, maintenance, and testing services
  • We have a team of NFPA registered engineers
  • Fireman safety offers a 24/7 customer service. Our operational maintenance team, technicians and coordinators are always at our customer’s disposal.
  • We ensure employee welfare
  • We abide by strict environmental protection policy and we are committed to safeguarding natural resources.

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