Ringing in the New Year 2023 with Fire Safety

We’ve had a good year overall, and we’re prepared to welcome the new year of 2023. But it’s equally crucial to keep safe as we commemorate the end of a year unlike any other. These fire safety suggestions have been produced by Fireman Safety to help you celebrate the New Year safely.


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Why Fire Safety Awareness is Important For Retail Stores This Christmas

Fire safety awareness is a vital part of retail stores this Christmas, despite the fact that most holiday-related fires occur in homes. In retail stores, it isn’t too common for accidents to result in large and personal losses, as opposed to loss of business due to injury or death. However, retail stores still need to make sure that their employees are aware of the risks involved with working around fire during the holidays and beyond.

Fire Safety Awareness is Important For Retail Stores This Christmas


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National Fire Prevention Week 2022

fire prevention week 2022Fire Prevention Week is a week long event to raise awareness of fire safety, educate the public on how to prevent fires in their homes, businesses and other buildings, and honor those who have lost their lives in fires.

Each year during Fire Prevention Week, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) – the world’s largest volunteer firefighter organization – marks this important observance with events across the country. In addition to its media campaign, NFPA also presents awards for excellence in fire prevention education.

Fire Prevention Week is a time to celebrate the hard work of firefighters and first responders. It’s also a reminder that you can do your part to prevent fires from happening in your home or business by taking important steps.

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When Was The Last Time Fire Safety Measures Were Reviewed in Your Business?

firesafety measures

The majority of people are aware of how crucial it is to have effective fire safety procedures in your workplace. After all, a third of our adult lives are spent at work. It only seems logical that the area where we spend a lot of time should be secure and now lockdown restrictions have been relaxed in recent weeks for a number of business sectors, and many are starting to return to work and plan to reopen in the next days, weeks, and months. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that buildings are safe from both fire safety hazards and risks related to COVID-19

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New Year Commercial Fire Safety Checklist 2022

New Year Commercial Fire Safety Checklist 2022

Starting off the new year is very joyful, and everyone loves to celebrate the new year. As the new year’s arrival time comes closer, preparations and plans are also made.

Fire safety is so much important, and you need to review it. Reviewing your fire safety is one of the most important things to consider during the time of the New year. Today, we will tell you about the importance of fire safety and the checklist for New year’s commercial fire safety.

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12 Days Of Christmas Fire Safety Tips In 2021

Christmas fire and safetyChristmas is the week of celebration and joy. People all around the world celebrate it to spread happiness and forget all sadness. But it is also important to keep yourself and everyone from any harm during this period.

During Christmas, safety is very important. Look out for any harmful activities and try to avoid them all. Here, we will give you tips for Christmas fire safety and you can also visit Fireman Safety Service for more.  

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5 Fire Safety and Protection Tips for your Buildings 2021

fire safety and protection tips

Industrial fire safety systems in buildings, such as sprinkler system equipment, emergency lighting, and firefighting equipment, are sometimes assumed to be solely physical. However, they are fire safety measures that only operate when there is a fire. While they are vital for building fire protection, there are also non-physical fire prevention and protection measures.

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Dubai Expo 2020- Epic Fireworks Cap off Day 1 of World’s Greatest Show

Dubai Expo 2020 finally opened its gate to visitors on 1st October 2021. The first day and opening ceremony lit up the sky with fireworks. Thousands of visitors rushed towards the Expo site to visit the splendid event. 

Even though Covid-19 led to a delay in the event, it didn’t lower the UAE’s will and determination. They continuously strived to make the event possible and memorable. And undoubtedly, they have been successful so far. 

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Fire safety security policy in Dubai Expo 2021 Key Highlights

Years of planning and effort have been put into setting up one of the leading exhibitions of 2021, the Dubai Expo 2020. The Civil Defense, health authorities, and Dubai Police are all ready to tackle the security of the much-anticipated event. 

Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology are going to be the key players in everything from keeping the sites connected, to saving energy and offering security. Fire alarms, elevators, and security systems are all going to be “smart”. 

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A Complete Guide to Fire Extinguisher – Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

You must have seen portable fire extinguishers in UAE or Qatar at many public places. Many people might even know how to use the equipment, but that’s not all about it. Just as any other equipment, fire extinguishers also need regular inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM). Through proper ITM protocols provided by fire extinguishers in UAE, you can ensure the reliability and operability of your extinguishers. 

Let’s take a look at each aspect separately and learn how we can achieve these properties in our fire extinguishers. 

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