Fireman Safety Services has a strong environmental protection responsibility towards the wider community of UAE.We are commited to sustaining natuaral resources, essential to life.ln this way we aim to meet the needs of our present and future generations.




1. Manage and use land ,raw materials and resource responsibly

2. We are commited to comply with all local and regional legislation applicable to Fireman Safety Services operations in the UAE ,public Commission for the protection of Marine Resources,Environmental &Wildlife , products and services as well as customer specific issues.

3. Include environment_al susLainabilily consideration in design and develc.)pmenL. 4. Adopt the best affordable technology to manage any negative impacts on the environment 5. Practice the reduction , recovery and recycling of waste materials and rehabilitation of disturbed land 6. Promote environment awareness and responsibility among employees, customers and suppliers.

7. To prevent environmental pollution , or reduce it to minimum ,even beyond the demands made by the relevant legal provisions.

8. Maintain transparent relations with employees, the authorities and the community

9. Promote continual improvement in the environmental management performance

10. Maintain and review the environmental performance of our operations and activities with in international standard.