Fireman Safety Services aims to create and maintain an environment within which employees execute their activities in a healthy and safe environment _ Furthermore the company is also committed to minimizing all risks pertaining to personal injury,diseases,company property and equipment.
We actively participate in safety loss control programs and ensure the involvent of all employees.We exercise strict measure to avoid injuries,fire explosions and conditions that may jeopardize the health of employees,negatively affect the enviorment or damage equipment.we comply with all apllicable statutory requirements of the UAE labour ministry and Gulf standards as well as the international Standards in the absense of appropriate legislation on the industrial best practice.

1. To involve and consult with employees and where appropriate ,their representatives and effectively communicate the health and safety matters.

2.Communicate health and safety rules and procedure to all parties.

3.Participate in the promotion of health and safety performance in our operations to meet internatinal safety standards.

4.Proactively identify and control all potential risks or hazards

5.Committed to raising the awareness levels of every employee.

6.Declicated to the continual review.developrnent and improvement of all health and safety aspects in business.

7. To achieve world class standards in quality ,health,safety and environment, in our processes ,products and services.