Safety Tips to Know About Fire Extinguishers….!!

Fire extinguishers are an essential part of a fire alarm system because they help keep the damage to a minimum and saving lives. A fire safety system is not complete without a good quality extinguisher. Choose a reliable fire extinguisher supplier in Abu Dhabi so you have a high-quality product to keep you safe from fire hazards.

The residents must know how to safely use fire extinguishers in case of fire otherwise it will just be a piece of decoration on your wall.

Here are some essential safety tips about fire extinguishers everyone should be aware of.

 If there is a fire and it is confined to a small area like a wastebasket and is not spreading to other regions then you should use a portable fire extinguisher. Before you use the extinguisher make sure that everyone else has exited the property and you have called the fire department.
 It is not safe to use a fire extinguisher if the room is filled with smoke as smoke inhalation can be fatal.
 All the residents of the building should know how to operate a fire extinguisher. The best way to remember how it works is to remember the word PASS.
 P= Pulling pin and holding the extinguisher with the nozzle facing the fire and releasing the locking mechanism
 A= Nozzle should aim low and point towards the base of the fire
 S= Slowly and evenly squeezing the lever.
 S= Sweeping nozzle from side to side
 It is better to invest in a multipurpose fire extinguisher as it will be effective on all types of fires.
 The fire extinguisher should have a label from an independent testing laboratory
 Always read the instructions provided by the fire extinguisher manufacturer
 The fire extinguishers should be installed in the right place so they are easily accessible.


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