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Fire Protection Business in UAE

Industrial fires and explosions cost companies and governments billions of dollars every year, not to mention the loss of life, which can’t be described in monetary terms. According to the most recent studies on fire incidents, an average of 37,000 fires occurs at industrial and manufacturing properties every year. These disasters happen for many reasons, often because managers and employees aren’t aware of the risks that surround them at work every day.

The study and practice of mitigating these unwanted effects of potentially destructive fires is called fire protection. It involves the study of the behavior, suppression and investigation of fire and its related emergencies, as well as the research and development, production, testing and application of mitigating systems.

The five major causes of fire are;

  • Combustible dust
  • Hot work
  • Flammable liquids and gasses
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Electrical hazards

UAE being the land of the both Construction and Oil & Gas, the aforementioned factors are always open in this land which can indeed result in unavoidable fire disasters any day. But, the fire and safety experts like Fireman Safety Services holds the key in keeping this land a safe land to live and work. We have always taken pride in keeping up with advanced service technology and modern fire service delivery systems. A main component of the Fireman Safety which has remained unchanged is the dedication of our employees to their occupation and their oath in protecting lives and assets from fire. Fireman Safety set apart from other fire protection businesses through our strong relationships with our customers. By creating a unique customer center approach and providing quality work.  Our goal is to partner with our customers and work hand in hand creating solutions that fit each situation.  We are able to accomplish this by being flexible and accommodating to each need

A fire protection expert will first assess the risk and make the necessary arrangements to prevent the fire from happening. An expert will make sure that any building, be it a corporate one or a residential one the fire equipment is working properly and replaced regularly. The other important factor that the fire protection companies or experts make sure is whether the building is equipped with fire protection equipment. And finally the most important factor is having a plan. We can never predict when or where a fire will happen so the best thing to do is to be prepared. Therefore the experts make sure that there are escape routes that will allow everyone to get out quickly and safely.

UAE the land of international business has always given prior importance to the safety of both own country national and the expats. Every building should have to get the prior approval from the government authorities before its construction itself on the fire and safety design and implementation. Hence the numbers of fire protection companies in this region is very high.

How to select a fire protection company for your office?

There are many aspects to look before selecting a fire protection company for your office.

1)      Location and distance – Having a fire protection company close means that if you need to purchase an extinguisher, get it inspected, or any emergency requiring prompt service, the company is near-by and you can avail their services as fast as possible.

2)      Service bundles – Many fire protection companies offer more services than just inspecting fire extinguishers which includes fire alarm installation and inspection, special hazard fire protection, Fire sprinkler installation and inspection, Video camera and card access systems, Kitchen fire safety solutions, Emergency signage etc. If you have multiple fire protection needs, it would be in your best interest, both organizationally and financially, to use one vendor.

3)      Customer Service – People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Characteristics of a great fire protection service include, a flexible schedule (so they can come before/after business hours), an organized list of maintenance completed, electronic paperwork, automatic scheduling for your next appointment, come clean and leave clean, ability to work on multiple branded products, a personality of someone who cares about your safety.

Fireman Safety Services holding all the good characteristics of a great fire protection company understand the mammoth responsibility associated with each projects and never compromises with the quality, and project entrusted to us is completed at a pace according to the need of the hour. We are specialized in the field of active Fire Protection System which is very well managed by dedicated experts, well versed in all aspects of projects management who are well supported by a team of qualified engineers who have successfully passed the technical exams conducted by Abudhabi Civil Defence and Qatar Civil Defence Authority and technicians with years of experience to provide best quality service. We serve people of this country for their life safety needs at a fair value with our highly skilled professional team.

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