Fire safety security policy in Dubai Expo 2021 Key Highlights

Years of planning and effort have been put into setting up one of the leading exhibitions of 2021, the Dubai Expo 2020. The Civil Defense, health authorities, and Dubai Police are all ready to tackle the security of the much-anticipated event. 

Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology are going to be the key players in everything from keeping the sites connected, to saving energy and offering security. Fire alarms, elevators, and security systems are all going to be “smart”. 

A fire protection conference was held earlier this year to discuss the safety and security precautions of Expo 2020. Engr. Salma H. Saeed from the Dubai Civil Defense told how support will be provided for a safe and secure event organization. Moreover, international safety standards will be followed with the help of the latest technologies and apparatuses. 

The officials are ready to deal with all sorts of unforeseen circumstances including fire or floodings. For this purpose, underground tunnels have been built to tackle rainwater or flooding. 

Whereas fire teams are given months of training and strategic positioning in the site so their response time is as less as 4 minutes. Furthermore, two fire stations are also present in the futuristic city. 

Hundreds of first responders will be present at different locations on the site. A huge network of firefighting will be present at the Dubai Expo 2020. Fireman Safety Services will also be present in the exhilarating event of the UAE. 

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