Fire Sprinkler System in Abu Dhabi

Fire Sprinkler System…..Know it All!!

A fire sprinkler system is a vital active fire protection method in Abu Dhabi. It comprises a water supply system that delivers sufficient pressure and flow-rate to a network of water distribution piping. Connected to this system are fire sprinklers, which play a crucial role in controlling and suppressing fires. Discover the importance and functionality of fire sprinkler systems in Abu Dhabi for enhanced fire safety and protection.

Basic Requirements for Fire Sprinkler Systems

A reliable supply of water
Control valves
Sprinkler heads

There are a lot of questions on the effectiveness of fire sprinkler systems, what difference it has with the fire extinguishers? Why can’t we use a fire alarm system instead?

Fires are no joke. They can virtually happen at any time and the damage to life and property in the instance that they occur and we are not sufficiently prepared can be absolutely devastating. As such, it is imperative that you have all the standard safety and security tools and features in place at your place of business. Doing so protects you the business owner, your employees, and your bottom-line.

A fire sprinkler system in Abu Dhabi is a fire suppression system, common in industrial and commercial buildings, and installed to suppress and combat fires should with water in the eventuality of one. A fire sprinkler system works by being automatically activated if, and when, there is an increase in temperature. This is done through a temperature gauge that is constantly working to monitor average temperatures. Whenever the temperature increases, the sprinklers are activated and water is released. The water, as it is released from the sprinklers, drowns out the surrounding fires.

Fire sprinklers are extremely beneficial to your business in many ways that will save you money over time. Firstly, losing everything in a fire is a devastating blow to a business. Studies show that 90% of fires that happen in businesses are suppressed where there is an automatic fire sprinkler system installed and properly maintained.

Fireman Safety can provide you with, the direction and clarity about why you should install a Fire Sprinkler System at your premises, but the decision is specific to the project and can only be made by the Client or the Consultant in charge of the project. However with over a decade of experience in the fire industry, we highly recommend it.

Fire Sprinkler Systems are so designed to, be completely automated. This is their major advantage above all other systems. They do not require human intervention of any kind. The basic concept is that fire will be suppressed, at an infant stage. This system will stop it from spreading.
Why should you install Fire Sprinkler Systems….?

…that is because it is a 24 hour automated active system that does not require any human help. It is a time tested, quality tested machine that will work for you, regardless. If you want to protect you investment, let it be from one penny to a billions dollars, it definitely will, with 100% surety. You can definitely have a peace of mind with regards to a fire incident when you go to sleep as the system doesn’t need a human support to function. If you have to protect costly or delicate equipment’s, with minimal damage, then don’t look further, fire sprinkler system is the best buddy you should have at your workplace and residence. And the bottom line is

“A Fire Fighting System is never complete without a Fire Sprinkler System”

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