A Complete Guide to Fire Extinguisher – Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

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Portable fire extinguishers in UAE and Qatar are commonly found in public places. While many people may know how to use them, it’s essential to understand the significance of regular inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM). Trusted Abu Dhabi Fire Fighting Companies provide proper ITM protocols, ensuring the reliability and operability of your fire extinguishers. Safeguard lives and property with well-maintained extinguishers, backed by expert guidance and services.

Let’s take a look at each aspect separately and learn how we can achieve these properties in our fire extinguishers. 


While anyone can perform a fire extinguisher inspection every month or so, it’s crucial to increase the frequency in areas prone to rusting or tampering. Trusted Abu Dhabi Fire Fighting Companies emphasize the importance of proper inspections. Ensure the safety of your premises by entrusting fire extinguisher inspections to professionals. Rely on expert guidance and services from reputable companies to safeguard against potential fire hazards. Here are some of the things to ensure when inspecting fire extinguishers in UAE or Qatar:

  1. The extinguisher is located at the designated spot 
  2. It is clearly noticeable and easily available
  3. Multiple signs are installed to show the location of a fire extinguisher
  4. The fire extinguisher is not empty, and the pressure gauge is in an operable position
  5. Use the push-to-test pressure indicator to check non-rechargeable extinguishers


Fire extinguisher maintenance should be carried out by a certified person in accordance with the guidelines mentioned in the user manual. Based on the type of extinguishers, they require maintenance exams every 1 to 6 years. These are some of the common external examinations involved:

  1. Physical condition
  2. Expelling medium
  3. Mechanical parts
  4. Extinguishing agent



The testing performed on fire extinguishers is known as Hydrostatic testing. It is important to perform internal and external examinations before starting the test. Here are the steps are done to test the extinguisher:

  1. Remove the components until you’re left with the shell and hose.
  2. Fill in water at a certain force for a while
  3. Dry the extinguisher completely and reassemble it
  4. Recharge the extinguisher

The tester should be trained and certified to perform hydrostatic testing. If any leaks or distortions are experienced during the test, the extinguisher is ruled unsafe. Depending on the type of fire extinguisher, tests are done every 5 to 12 years. 

Final words

Proper inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) of fire extinguishers require meticulous record-keeping, including exam dates and conducting personnel details. While this guide provides essential information on ITM procedures, it is crucial to refer to user guides and consult professionals for safe examinations of fire extinguishers in Qatar or the UAE. For comprehensive details on fire extinguishers in UAE or Qatar, reach out to Fireman Safety Services. Our expert team offers installation and maintenance services for fire extinguishing systems, including Abu Dhabi. Trust us for reliable fire safety solutions and services.

For more details on fire extinguishers in UAE or Qatar, get in touch with Fireman Safety Services. We offer installation and maintenance services of fire extinguishing systems in Qatar and the UAE, including Abu Dhabi. 


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