A Complete Guide to Fire Extinguisher – Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance

You must have seen portable fire extinguishers in UAE or Qatar at many public places. Many people might even know how to use the equipment, but that’s not all about it. Just as any other equipment, fire extinguishers also need regular inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM). Through proper ITM protocols provided by fire extinguishers in UAE, you can ensure the reliability and operability of your extinguishers. 

Let’s take a look at each aspect separately and learn how we can achieve these properties in our fire extinguishers. 

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What are the major steps one must take while in Fire Fighting?

Fire accidents can burn even large buildings to the ground in a matter of minutes. To keep the property and its residents safe from fire hazards it is important to be prepared.
Preparation is the key to avoid fire incidents and keep damages to a minimum if there is a fire. Fire safety precautions can save you from serious damage.

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