Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire Alarm System has been very important to protect you, your building and your surroundings. Every person depends on this system running accurately in the incident of a fire, indicating an early word of warning and enabling harmless and timely evacuation.

This system has saved millions of life by being the so-called ‘canary in a coal mine’, indicating an early sign of warning that people in that place need to evacuate. However, just like a canary wants the feed to stay healthy and fit, the fire alarm system requires maintenance and testing to make sure it does its job on time. Also, this is an official compulsion to make sure that this detection system is in good functioning order and adheres to present regulatory principles. Hence ignoring your fire alarm maintenance is not only hazardous and unwise but also illegal.

About Fire Alarm Maintenance

Servicing of fire alarm systems must only be carried out by skilled and experienced professionals. Because of its labor-intensive and nature of fire alarm maintenance, it is advisable to appoint professionals with good knowledge in this specific field. The regularity of your fire alarm system’s servicing will be approved by a detailed fire risk evaluation, but the maximum time between servicing should never exceed more than six months.

Regular fire alarm maintenance includes a wide range of tests and checks, as well as checking batteries, fault indicators, control panel function and services for automatic transmission of alarm signals to an alarm receiving centre. Vented batteries should be tested every three months and topped up if required.

Along with the standard maintenance and checks, your fire alarm system also requires non-routine maintenance from time to time. This can consist of repairing any faults that occur; modifying the system to take into account any changes in occupancy, alterations or extensions; or taking action to address a high rate of false alarms.

How often should fire alarms be tested?

It is vital that testing of your fire alarm system is carried out on a regular basis. If your fire alarm system is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) for alerting the fire brigade, you must remember to notify them before and after carrying out your regular test.

  • Manual call points must be tested once a week to ensure the control panel and alarm sounders are effective as they should. It’s essential to test a different manual call point each week so that in due course every point in the building will be checked.
  • Voice alarm systems should also be tested weekly.
  • Automatic generators or vented batteries used as standby power for the fire alarm system must be inspected and tested once a month.

Therefore, early fire detection is essential to the safety of the people in your organization. Appropriate fire alarm testing, assessment and maintenance can help save lives and assets. ‘Fireman Safety’ engineers are qualified by a range of esteemed bodies, thus you can believe that they are fully certified and skilled to perform the inspections and servicing of a fire alarm systems in UAE. Our Cintas technicians will check all panels and devices to make sure your building is protected and occupants will be notified on time in an emergency. Hence you can be guaranteed your fire alarm maintenance will be approved out with the proper level of skill.

Fireman Safety will give:

  • All the important testing performed on your panel(s), notification and detection appliances.
  • Agreement with NFPA 72 and other valid code.
  • Written documentation of work.
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