Top 5 Importance of Fire Alarm Installation and Inspection in 2021

Fire alarms are inevitable due to its multi-dimensional benefits. Undermentioned are few of the benefits for which, fire alarms contribute to.

People’ Safety

The key motive for which individuals and institutes aim for fire alarms’ installation is to ensure the safety of the lives of their inhabitants, visitors and employees. Fire alarms (alarm sirens, signals, and smoke and heat detectors) safeguard the inhabitants/employees to evacuate and protects the precious lives. A good example is in Qatar where under civil defense legislation, standard fire safety teaching in schools and private companies to set up safety training centers are mandatory.

Insurance claims and reimbursements

Insurance companies tend to devise multiple attractive deals for buildings with fire safety measures. Standardized fire alarm gadgets and maintenance systems tend to grab attractive offers by the insurance companies.

Adherence to Compliance systems

The code of conduct for buildings require compliance to fire safety standards. With the fire safety system, one can get rid of charges/penalties of non-compliance. It is mandatory in UAE to install Dubai Civil Defense’s fire alarm system for hospitals and business. Similarly, in Qatar, National fire protection association codes identifies code for fire safety.

Reduce margin of damages

Fire alarms detect early fire threat and alarms the people to respond immediately. With the available fire safety system, damage can be managed instantly. Early detection brings out help from the emergency and rescue departments such as Abu Dhabi fire safety hotline services and results in reduces loss of property and other assets.

Fire-safety system installation and maintenance is a technical procedure, which requires due consideration of various factors. In Abu Dhabi, there are approved/certified companies with permission from civil-defence services in engineering, installation and maintenance of fire safety and firefighting system. Similarly, Qatar civil defence approved companies to ensure fire alarm maintenance as per defined standards. Moreover, there should be planned and scheduled visual checks, bi-annual checks and inspection by legally designated authority/experts. The absence of such maintenance and inspection system could result in equipment’ malfunctioning, risk to people’ lives, false alarms and fire-brigade movements, penalties and fine by the government and disallowance of insurance value by the insurance companies.

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