Fireman Safety Equipement

Kill Fire before the Fire Kills You

The term “Safety” is a six letter word that gives birth to the three “L” words; “Life Lasts Long.” As we all know, Safety is the condition of being Safe that means to be protected from harm. The proverb Prevention is better than cure is well suited to us in our daily sphere of life. It is the good example to us that even our misfortunes can be changed to the good fortune only if we take necessary precautions. Safety is the ABC of our life and cure should be the last option. Here the ABC stands for “Always Be Careful.”

Fire is one of the beautiful things that we could see in this world. But playing with fire will eventually turn bitter. It is said that “A tiny spark of fire can bring down a great forest into Ashes.” Being said so; we should prevent fire coming out from its designated places. There are many precautions that can be taken to prevent huge damages caused due to fire.

Recent studies and reports have revealed some interesting facts. The following information was provided by the National Fire Protection Association.

  • In 2008 the US fire service responded to nearly 1.5 million fires
  • This included 3320 civilian deaths, 16705 sustained injuries and over $15 Billion in direct property loss.
  • 112000 of those fires were in public or commercial buildings.
  • $3.811 Billion of that damage took place in public and commercial buildings.

That works out at an average loss of $34000 per incident. That is a higher than the average person in the US makes in a year!

This shows the importance firefighting equipment’s. The installations of fire systems in our premises will make our spaces safe from fire thus helping us from avoiding any such disasters happening to us which indeed help us to save our lives, time and money. The firefighting systems include; fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire blanket, fire flapper, fire alarms etc.

Fire extinguishers are the most important equipment that plays a vital role in preventing small fire to grow big, those results in huge disasters. It is a simple pressurized device, which releases chemicals or water to fight small fires. They are one of your best tools for controlling and extinguishing small fires. They can also be used to clear a safe path for people to exit your premises in larger fire situations. There are mainly 6 types of fire extinguishers which are used in the current day and they are water, foam, powder, carbon dioxide, vaporizing liquid, wet chemical.

Fire system is a mandatory requirement for any building projects in the UAE. Identifying the correct fire fighters is very important in any projects, as our safety is in their hands. With a decade presence in the capital city of UAE, Fireman Safety A+ graded company, is still one among the leading fire fighting in Abu Dhabi approved by the Civil Defense in 2007. We are a full service fire protection company that offers countrywide service. We pride ourselves on customer service and integrity. Our certified degreed engineers and designers makes us experts in our field of fire safety which means we can put in place a comprehensive fire safety management system for you.

“For us Safety is First and Safety is Always”